Training Programs

We focus on filling the existing data skills gaps by developing a revolving curriculum that is continuously updated based on the changes in the market and informed by the needs of the community. Our capacity development content design covers all aspects of data for development including data literacy, data science and data for innovation. dLab also provides public and tailored courses, online courses and training of data stewards and data driven innovation champions.

Tailored Training

dLab offers customized delivery of training as per client needs. We adopt challenge-driven education which seeks to investigate client pain-points and design tailored training programs that suit the needs of organizations and market in general.

AI Bootcamp

Are you a college student? Join our world-class AI Bootcamp. The bootcamp aims to equip college students with employable skills in data science. At the end of program each student will complete at least one capstone project. The AI bootcamp runs twice a year, click here to join


Earn your Masters’s in data science degree at the University of Dar es Salaam through our PEPFAR scholarship program. The scholarship provides you with a unique experience to interact with experts across the globe while solving real-world problems in the field of HIV/AIDS.


Raising Data Science Professionals


Women Training Programs

Code Like a Girl

dLab in collaboration with Vodacom Tanzania are running an extensive 4 – day training programme for girls aged 14-18, to help them engage with the technology industry and encourage them to consider technology as a career path in the future. The initiative has the aim of ending the misconceptions that “STEM is for boys” and create a fun atmosphere that will get girls excited about all the career paths that are available to them. The program intends to help more women and girls feel inspired to get into coding and be more involved in the creation and development of tech. The main goal of the training is to encourage girls to participate in STEM activities.

Smart Girls

Following up the success of Code Like A Girl program, dLab partnered with University of Dar es Salaam and ICT commission of Tanzania to design a program of training young girls especially at community schools on emerging technologies. The program targets schools with less or no digital infrastructure by inviting them at the campus to leverage the college laboratories during practical sessions. The goal is to provide them with hands-on skills


This is the program initiative by dLab that targets young career women who are entrepreneurs or aspire to be entrepreneurs by enhancing their digital skills so as to stay relevant in the field. We also train them on data use skills so that they can analyse market trends to inform their businesses. The program acts as a catalyst for young women to grow their startups towards successful and sustainable businesses.

Women in Data Science (WiDS)

Women in Data Science (WiDS) was founded  in 2015, an annual event on the Stanford campus. Since then, WiDS has supported other “Data Champions” to organize similar events worldwide. In 2019, dLab organized the first WiDS Dar es Salaam as one of the WiDS regional conferences.

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