Data Science

We provide state of the art solutions in data management, business intelligence, data analytics and visualization, among others. Through multi stakeholder partnerships across domains, co-creating products and services, rapid prototyping and delivery at affordable cost, and a dedicated data science team. Our goal is to harness the data revolution through use of cutting-edge solutions in businesses, civil society organizations, public organizations and non-state organizations, to boost socio-economic development at all levels of the community and data ecosystem.

Capstone products

In collaboration with College of ICT (CoICT), University of Dar es Salaam, we run a joint challenge-based Master of Science in Data Science course In the Capstone project, Masters students are exposed to real-world data science challenges existing in various organizations.

AI Bootcamp Products

In nurturing the young minds of undergraduate students taking information technology programmes, dLab exposes students to fourth industrial revolution technologies and challenges in their industrial attachments at dLab.

Consultancy Products

Our team of experts provides on demand cutting-edge software solutions to businesses, public institutions, the private sector and non-state actors to help solve challenges in the areas of Data Management, Data Analysis, Data Visualizations, Data Analytics and Machine Learning.


Data Roadmap

In harnessing data revolution, our team of experts can help organizations at subnational, national, regional and global level to assess the strength and weaknesses of different data frameworks to monitor data for sustainable development.

We assess issues related and not limited to; data availability, data accessibility, data generation, data uptake and data generation so as to help organizations come up with a roadmap to help them with better planning for sustainable data monitoring in relation to execution of policies available in place.

Data Visualization

Through application of sophisticated data visualization tools and technology, dLab offers data visualization services to help organizations with not limited to; business intelligence, impact realization of their interventions, efficiency of their service delivery, resources distribution by use of interactive and static dashboards.
Elegant dashboards to communicate insights underneath the collected data are the outputs that help organizations understand massive information in a summarized visual format

Data Analysis

Using Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Predictive Analysis, dLab help researchers, businesses and organizations to be able to highlight patterns, relationships as well as errors existing in their data and at the same time being able to make predictions of the future trend of different variables and directions of their businesses as well as different future possibilities/ alternatives of their decisions.

Machine Learning

dLab team of experts in partnership with other local and international organizations in the field of AI, leverage the use of fourth industrial revolution technology such as Machine Learning and AI to develop cutting-edge solutions on different industries such as medical diagnosis, consumer price predictions, banking analytics, plants’ diseases diagnosis and much more.

Software Development

By using user-centred methodology, dLab offers cutting edge mobile and web-based on demand software solutions to CSOs, businesses, public institutions and non-state organizations.
The software solutions serve purposes spanning data management, data analysis, data visualizations, data analytics and machine learning, depending on organization needs and demands.

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