dLab Platforms

In its mission to strengthen data ecosystems and data usage dLab is facilitating data archiving, availability, sharing and usage, by providing platforms for researchers, CSOs, businesses, government institutions and other data revolution stakeholders to share their traditional and non-traditional data. Platforms such as Data Portal and GeoNode, will provide both private and public access of the different datasets hosted to a vast network of data users and producers within a controlled and regulated community of data users and sharers

Data Portal

We provide a sophisticated platform to share and download up to date datasets, data analyses, data documentation and dashboards to demonstrate the use of data for sustainable development. A platform bringing together different data producers, publishers and users from various sectors in the data revolution. Data savvy and novice are provided with a one stop center for data needs.

Geo Node

A platform with resources for archiving, processing and sharing geospatial data and geographic information is part of resources provided by dLab to the producers and consumers of geographic information. Due to special attention and huge demand of location data, dLab GeoNode serves as a platform to meet demands for archiving, analysis, dissemination and use demonstration of geospatial data.

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