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Stephen Chacha

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Mr. Chacha is responsible for the overall leadership of the project, financial management, human resource management, and managing the partnerships with University of Dar es Salaam, University of Virginia Data Science Institute, MCC, Government of United republic of Tanzania, and other stakeholders.

Mahadia Tunga

Co-Founder & Director for Capacity Development

Mahadia Tunga, a Tanzania Data Lab NGO co-founder who is on a mission to strengthen data ecosystem in Tanzania and Africa through capacity development. Mahadia has ambition to empower women and girls through data literacy. Trained as a computer scientist and specialised in data science. She has a vast experience in managing capacity development projects, gender based and youth engagement programs with especial interest in young girls.


She has delivered a number of strategic consulting and capacity building training on open data, data innovation, management, visualisation and analysis to a couple of government, non government organisation and private sector entities (locally and overseas). She has trained over 1500 individuals and 50 organisations in Tanzania, Congo, South Africa, Cairo, Kenya, Ethiopia Zambia, Somalia, Djibouti etc. Her desire to impact lives through training, skills enhancement and knowledge development especially to women and girls, is the force behind Mahadia’s career as a trainer. She believes in team spirit, honesty, transparency and hardworking.


As a head of training in Tanzania Data Lab (dLab), she has spearheaded the development of Data Literacy curriculum for both face-to-face and online training programs; established the first Women in Data program in which over 500 women and girls  were trained in data for storytelling, management and innovation; developed a business model for dLab capacity development training programs. In 2009 she joined Tanzania Human Resource project as a software developer were she participated in developing a Human Resource system which at later stage was used as a pilot system for rolling out national human resource system, known as Lawson.


Mahadia is one among the Seven Open Data trainers in Africa certified by Open Data Institute – London. She holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in computer science from University of Dar es salaam. As an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam, Mahadia has widely participated in the development of first ever MSc Data Science Curriculum in East and Central Africa, which is to be officially launched in November this year (2018). She has performed as a consultant with with various organisations such as Cambridge Education, Irex, World Bank, IntraHealth International and Web Foundation as a training consultant.

Agapiti Manday

Director of Research and Innovations

Agapiti Manday received a B.A. Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University, a Legum Baccalaureus (LLB) from Tumaini University and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Dar es Salaam.


Agapiti is currently the Director of Research and Innovations at the Tanzania Data Lab (dLab). His professional interests focus has been to promote the use of Data science, Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovations in developing economies.


Agapiti is a turnaround Specialist, a multi-skilled and experienced professional instrumental in structuring, implementing and strategic management of successful social ventures and community initiatives including local and international development projects. He is a mentor, coach and innovator who believes in investing in people, ideas, and technology.

Omar Bakari

Co-Founder and Director of Community Engagement

Mr. Bakari is responsible for leading the project’s work on extending community engagement to drive outcomes.