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Research and innovation is a significant growth driver in the data age and essential in solving most of challenges of our time. We envision Africa and Tanzania where innovators, entrepreneurs and youth are empowered to use data and technology to address pertinent problems affecting our countries and communities. dLab is set to promote research into use by creating a platform where the user and researcher collaborate. Also the organization will work with other stakeholders to manage innovation and research funds as a fund manager, and to facilitate transfer of knowledge from publicly funded research to enterprises, thereby reinforcing the impact of research on innovation capacity.

In the strategic plan period 2019 – 2023, dLab will engage, support and connect innovators, developers, and solution providers to each other and to opportunities. By so doing, dLab will make a difference in people’s lives by increasing the use of and/or access to research data and its application in innovation.

Our approach on research and innovation seeks to promote research and innovation that use data to address community pain points in collaboration with respective sectors. dLab will work with other stakeholders to promote Research and Development activity to catalyze innovation process, which allows investment in technology and future capabilities, which are likely to avail useful knowledge and data that can be used to develop new innovative products, processes and services that address community pain points.

In the next five years dLab seeks to increase the use of research and innovation in addressing community problems. In line with this, dLab is going to focus on the following strategic areas:

    1. Awareness and support to innovators increased
    2. Data Driven Innovation Community of Practice Formalized
    3. Innovators Incubated and/Scaled Up
    4. Research Data Used and Shared to Spur Data Driven

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