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There is a vast array of data collected by CSOs, businesses, and public institutions awaiting to be exploited to enlighten insights sitting beneath them. dLab data science services provides technical consultancy in data analytics, capacity building around data analysis, data processing, visualization and information dissemination platforms. dLab seeks to work with these organizations to promote the opening and usage of the respective data sets in socio- economic development processes, in policy making, and in problem solving.

The data science pillar focuses on developing strategic data systems to inform policy and decision-making at different levels in public, private and in Civil Society organizations. It involves application of data processing technologies and advanced data analytics in harnessing the data revolution and offer data driven solutions to national and sub-national problems.

During the Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023, data science pillar will be focusing mostly on the following key outputs:

    1. Data from Different Data Producers Stored and Shared through a dLab Data Portal
    2. Use of Data Science Products and Services Enhanced in Target Organizations
    3. Use of Geo-spatial Data Enhanced

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