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The Capacity Development pillar aims at delivering targeted data capacity building through sector-focused partnerships while enhancing data revolution by building data skills needed toward creating the social and economic impact. These skills are delivered in several ways; Free Online Training; Practical Data Training; and Training Curriculum.

Capacity Development is one of the core functions of Tanzania Data Lab that seeks to build basic to advanced skills in innovation, data literacy, management, analysis, visualization, and data science in general, and in-turn build a movement of data stewards, data driven innovators, and professionals in Tanzania and Africa.

Training local experts enables sustainable change and encourages greater scale in the number of data literate citizens and innovators who can engage with data to create new innovations, tools and insights. This in itself is an intermediate outcome. Achieving this paves the way for achieving the ultimate impacts on improving decision-making at all levels to benefit health, gender and economic growth in Tanzania and driving evidence- based innovations geared towards improving the lives of the people.

Capacity Development pillar focuses on filling the existing data skills gap by developing a revolving curriculum that is continuously updated based on the changes in the market and informed by the needs of the community. Its content design covers all aspects of data for development including data literacy, data science and data for innovation. dLab also provides public and tailored courses, online courses and training of data stewards and data driven innovation champions.

Building on the momentum from DCLI’s strong engagement with youth in data in the past years, dLab seeks to support youth data champions and facilitate new partnerships to produce deeper social impact. In that effect, the dLab capacity development pillar is determined to strategically attract more youth into data training programs by utilizing youth strategy developed by Data Zetu project. The goal is to attract and engage more youth champions

Capacity Development pillar is driven by the dLab’s strategic objective to deliver tailored data-related capacity building services to targeted individuals, groups and organizations. Capacity development pillar approach is to maximize efficiency and create impact through examining individual, groups and organization challenges and design capacity development programs to fill in the gap. Annually, Training Need Assessment (TNA) will be conducted to identify data and innovation skills’ gaps, which will inform design and update of training content, development of new courses and in updating the teaching methodologies. Further, pre-surveys will be conducted prior to each training program to understand the needs better, followed by post surveys to capture knowledge acquisition and inform future training programs. The envisioned outcome of dLab capacity development programs is increased data driven innovation and data usage to inform decision-making and interventions.

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