Empowering a young generation of innovators to #CodeLikeAGirl

CodeLikeAGirl was started in 2019 to address the misconception that “STEM is for boys” and help in closing the STEM gender gap.

This program is a space where more young women would realize a wide range of career opportunities – be it working for a tech company, building their own startup or becoming a developer.

The program is running in collaboration with Vodacom Tanzania. It is an extensive 4 – day training for girls aged 14-18, to help them engage with the technology industry and encourage them to consider technology as a career path in the future. Through CodeLikeAGirl, they learn coding skills and get to network with new friends and mentors.

The initiative’s aim is to also create a fun atmosphere that will get girls excited about career paths in STEM; and to help more women and girls feel inspired to get into coding and be more involved in the creation and development of tech. It started in 2019 and has reached more than 700 young girls in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Arusha. Watch this video to learn more.


I am so excited. The 4-day training has made me find new friends with the same interests
and together, we created this cool website where we can sell fruits. Our team won the
first prize. I am so excited. Thank you dLab for this opportunity. I want other girls to learn
and get this opportunity as well.
Thoughts about our work
Prisila A. Kalama

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