Consulting Opportunity – Conduct a Baseline and Endline surveys for the Implementation of the Sauti Mpya Project

Sauti Mpya Project is co-funded by the European Union and will be implemented by the consortium of the organisations including We World-GVC KIWOHEDE, TBI, TADIO and Tanzania Data Lab (dLab). The project focuses on promoting women’s and youth’s freedom of expression, access to information and awareness on fundamental freedoms. The implementation will be in Tanzania and specifically in Kigoma, Mbeya and Mtwara regions.

As part of the project implementation processes, dLab is looking for eligible Individual or team of consultants to conduct a baseline and endline surveys for the implementation of the mentioned project. The main objective of this assignment is to conduct Baseline and Endline Surveys from potential beneficiaries of the projects such as Civil Society organisations (CSOs), media organisations and audiences in the focused regions i.e Kigoma, Mbeya and Mtwara. The Baseline study will help and guide the project implementation and support to measure the project impact at the end of the project execution. The consultant will also be required to conduct the endline survey. This survey will be conducted at the end of project execution in order to evaluate the project impact. More details on the scope of work and other details can be found here.

Interested Consultants should send their application by email to addressed to the Executive Director, Tanzania Data Lab, P.O Box 33335, Dar es Salaam. Applications to be sent by 31 May 2020, 1600 EAT.