Dr. Mahadia Tunga appointed new dLab Executive Director

Tanzania Data Lab (dLab) Board would like to take this opportunity to inform you all, our Tanzania Data Lab (dLab) Partners, Friends, and Stakeholders that Mr. Agapiti Manday has moved from dLab as a the Executive Director of dLab with effect from 08th May 2023.

Following this movement, the Board has appointed Dr. Mahadia Tunga, to be the Executive Director effective 09 th May 2023. Mahadia is one among four founders of dLab and has been part of the Senior Management of dLab from the time it was a project. She is well versed in duties and roles of the the Executive Director given her excellence in leading the Data Science Department of dLab. Data Science is the heart of dLab activities. The Board is confident that she will provide good leadership to the dLab going forward.

Tanzania Data Lab (dLab) Board further would like to assure all our partners, friends and stakeholders that these changes will not in any way affect negatively the work of dLab, but perhaps more positively. We will continue to uphold the highest professional standards of leadership in delivering dLab’s mission and vision and in partnerships with its estimmed partners and stakeholders.