IREX: Consulting Opportunity – Full Stack Developer – Web App

IREX seeks a full-stack software developer (“Developer”) to develop a web application that surveys users about, and visualizes, their data flows. The software will be developed iteratively, starting with a prototype for user feedback before developing a “Version 1” ready to ship to customers.

This role will require not only strong software development proficiency but also openness to developing software collaboratively, including with non-technical specialists, using principles of good design, digital development, and agile software development practices.

This is a part-time role expected to begin in December 2019 and end in December 2020 (with 95% of the work to be completed by March 2020). Anticipated level of effort is roughly 30 days during that period, but this is just an initial estimate subject to change. Individual or companies are welcome to apply. More details visit: full stack developer position