CALL: Data Tamasha 2021 Photographer

  • Background
  • About Tanzania Data Lab (dLab)

Tanzania Data Lab (dLab) is incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with a registration number 00NGO/0009516. It envisions Africa where data is frequently and effectively used to inform policy and decision-making at all levels by strengthening data ecosystems and data usage in innovation, policy and decision-making in the areas of health, gender equality and economic empowerment in Tanzania and Africa.

To achieve its mission and vision, dLab implements its activities through its strategic plan of 2019-2023 which focuses on four pillars:

1. Community Engagement

2. Capacity Development

3. Data Science Services

4. Research and Innovation

  • About Data Tamasha

Data Tamasha is a unique event that showcases and shares ‘how data can make a difference in our community’. It brings together data enthusiasts, leaders and practitioners across industries, the public sector and academia. It involves dialogues, panel discussion, presentations, demonstrations, interactive sessions, exhibitions and public out-reach activities.

Our target is to organize and host a Data Tamasha bi-annual – an event that will be held on 6-8 December 2021, at the College of Information and Communication Technology (CoICT), University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), located at Kijitonyama Campus – Old Bagamoyo Road.

Tanzania Data Lab would now like to invite qualified candidates to submit expressions of interest for the role of Photographer for Data Tamasha 2021 .

  • Eligibility 

This “Call for Expression of Interest” is open to both individual consultants and companies who can demonstrate that they satisfy all regulatory and professional requirements for the provision of consultancy services. The consultant should:

1. Have a proven experience in photography and editing.  

2. Have a strong portfolio in photography of large, corporate events

3. Have the ability to work methodically and meet deadlines.

4. Be able to furnish  EFD receipts during respective procurement stages.

  • How to apply

You must submit a proposal sent to + addressed to The Executive Director, Tanzania Data Lab (dLab), P.O. Box 33335, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 

Your proposal should include (but not limited to):

1. A quote outlining the cost of services by line items as per the scope of work provided.

2. Details on all perceived strengths like previous experience, in-house skills, and any other information that will assist dLab to assess capabilities, capacity, competitive advantages, etc. 

3. At least a link to photography works that demonstrate the company’s skills;

4. Details of a dedicated contact point for the management of the contract. 

Kindly use the following subject  ‘Data Tamasha 2021 Photographer Application’

  • Terms & Conditions

1. dLab reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, in whole or in part, to advertise for new proposals, to abandon the need for services, and to cancel or amend this call at any time prior to the execution of the written contract. 

2. Should the call for interest cover several items or lots, dLab reserves the right to award a contract for only some of them. 

3. dLab shall not be liable for any compensation with respect to the costs incurred by the applicant on the development of proposals for this call.

Deadline to express interest: 12 October 2021

  • Detailed Terms of Reference
  • Objectives of the Assignment 

dLab is interested in engaging a consultant to provide photography  services that will provide visual documentation of the Data Tamasha 2021 event. 

  • Scope of work 

dLab envisions the scope of work for this assignment as involving coordinating the following activities:

1. The Consultant shall capture images of all key moments throughout the event including but not limited to guests arrival, people’s engagement, presentation, question and answers sessions. 

2. The Consultant shall provide, under the advice of dLab personnel, a selection of the best images in real time. Resize optimized images, if necessary, for online sharing. 

3. Files should be sent via wetransfer or through a link to a contact person that will be identified 10 days after the final event. 

4. The photographer is expected to send an alert email to ensure the photos do not get stuck in the spam folder. 

5. Photos produced during the assignment will successfully capture and emotionally express the core elements of the situation assigned for coverage. The coverage will include different visual perspectives (close-up, medium range, long distance), with a preference for horizontal framing. Photos will be technically well captured (properly exposed, framed, focused, and edits well optimized). 

  • Deliverables

For each of the three (3) phases the consultant will be required to furnish specific deliverables as per the details below:

  • During the event

1. Take high quality photos of various activities from the beginning to end of the event

2. Per session – Work with a social media team in real time to provide well edited Data Tamasha branded pictures during ongoing sessions for posting. (Coordination will probably be via a platform like Telegram to maintain the files’ quality.)

  • Post the event

1. Submit well edited, branded, high quality photos of the event within ten days after the event. (This to be done preferably via link  platforms such as WeTransfer)

2. Make sure all photos have their respective metadata attached.

3. The consultant will work closely with the Communications Manager and the Communications Consultant and will participate in key meetings when required. 

Please note that Tanzania Data Lab will assume all content rights of the content created from this project. 

  • Responsibilities of dLab  and the Consultant

1. dLab shall provide:

  • Programme information and editorial guidance to the Consultant to enable him/her to understand the deliverables required.
  • Photography credentials and clearances (if needed)

2. The Consultant shall:

  • Abide by the dLab branding guidelines 
  • Be timely with providing the deliverables as indicated in this document

Key Dates and Timeline 

The photographer  will deliver work as assigned. The following are tentative key dates and expected deliverables.

November 30: Pre-event briefing meeting

Dec 6 – 8: Data Tamasha 2021 event

Dec 13: Event High definition photos shared

Dec 13: Post event content shared by dLab