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dLab will be conducting a free Basic Data Visualisation Course on 8th September from 0830 to 1230 hrs. The course will be held at dLab, UDSM, CoICT, Kijitonyama Campus, Dar es Salaam.

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By the the end of the workshop, you will be able to

  • Describe what data visualisation is and its benefits,
  • Explain data visualisation as a communication medium,
  • Apply data visualization skills to choose and use charts and graphs.

Who is this for?

Employees from private companies, NGOs/CSOs and the public sector especially data analysts, data scientists, journalists, researchers, statisticians and other related fields.

About the course

The workshop will be a combination of presentations, small group work and working sessions. The sessions will be interactive to allow participants to engage in conversation, share ideas, and work together with the presenters and each other.

All training materials will be provided to participants under an open licence.

Course prerequisites

  • Experience in data manipulation is essential, especially using spreadsheets and the web.
  • Complete at least 3 of the dLab online data training modules. Click here to access the modules (please register using the same email address you used to apply for the course)

Course requirements

  • A wifi-enabled laptop is required with a spreadsheet application
  • Ability to install new software is not necessary

Course resources

A link to course resources will be provided at the beginning of the course

Course Instructors

Charles Bundu (dLab’s lead Data Scientist and Mahadia Tunga (dLab Head of Training and ODI open data certified trainer)

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