Report on the Conducted Joint dLab/WB Workshop on Health Data

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The Tanzania Data Lab (dLab) and World Bank (WB) conducted a one day joint health data workshop on 7th of November 2016 at the University of Dar es Salaam, College of Information and Communication Technologies (UDSM/CoICT). The workshop was composed of a morning session on data training followed by an afternoon session of roundtable discussion. The training was jointly delivered by experts from the dLab and the Open Data Institute (ODI) respectively, with a focus on core concepts of data and open data and case studies of impact created with open health data, amongst others, see  Also the training provided time for practical work using Tanzanian health dataset, along with a discussion on the list of health sector data that the government is preparing for release.

The afternoon session was set into a roundtable discussion which was facilitated by trainers from dLab, WB and ODI. The roundtable explored various  issues pertaining to health data in Tanzania, particularly, how health data was currently being published, used and re-used/shared in Tanzania, the associated barriers and what steps that could  be taken to make health data more impactful.

More than 30 health data stakeholders converged at the dLab space located at CoICT campus, representing government agencies, private sector and civil society organizations (See Appendix 1). The participants were able to learn, share their own perspectives and hear from others, with the aim of co-creating a plan of action for the near term that would help alleviate some of the barriers and boost for more meaningful health data impact. Readmore

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University of Dar es Salaam, College of Information and Communication Technologies (UDSM/CoICT).