dLab hosted the Health Information Exchange Connect-A-Thon Workshop

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dLab hosted the Health Information Exchange Connect-A-Thon Workshop from August 1 – 5, 2016, which was led by PATH and IntraHealth International as part of the Tanzania BID project. 

The Tanzania BID Initiative, led by PATH and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, strives to improve the quality of immunization data and availability and to increase data use and decision skills throughout all levels of the health system. Collaboration and sharing lessons learned are important to the BID Initiative process, which is why the Connect-A-Thon is important.

Connect-A-Thons are events allowing developers and software engineers to test solutions to specific problems and to ensure their applications are able to communicate and share data with other software. The Health Information Exchange Connect-A-Thon Workshop scheduled two days to discuss problems and the following three days for developers to work on solutions – and test interoperability among applications.

More than 30 participants participated in the five-day event representing health ministries, non-profit health informatics organizations and academics specializing in data science. The participants met with the following objectives:

  • Better understand interoperability of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) architecture and standards for Tanzania health information system
  • Increase capacity for developers and supporters of the Tanzania health information system to use interoperability standards
  • Connect these systems in collaboration with respective technical teams into the model immunization HIE architecture and test defined workflows
  • Using the immunization use case as an example, discuss the potential of using HIE in the future national architecture to support informed planning and decision-making for national architecture. Read More
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